What time of year is it best to hold a Cretan wedding?

Any time is perfect to celebrate your love! Crete has a beautiful spring, long hot summer, warm autumn and tropical mild winter for you to choose; beauty and romance throughout the year.

What day of the week and time do people get married?

Any day is perfect, yet it is normal in Crete to hold weddings on a Friday or Saturday. Civil weddings must be on a weekday. Crete in summer is warm and weddings tend to be held at after 6pm. In summer days, it would preferable to hold the ceremony after 7.00 pm to take advantage of the Sunset! Since it does not get dark until late during the summer months, this should not affect your wedding day photographs.

Can I get married in Church in Crete?

The options for a Church wedding in Crete are limited to the Greek Orthodox Church, but for these weddings at least one of the parties must be baptized in the relevant religion.

What kind of menu could we expect to get at a Taverna reception?

A typical Cretan wedding meal would be a starter cold plate of mixed appetizers (e.g. stuffed vine leaves, cheese pies, meatballs, Cretan cheese, salad, olives) followed by roasted lamb/pork with potatoes and the traditional Cretan pilafi, served with Greek salad. Vegetarian options for the main meal are of course available.

Can we go for a traditional Greek style party with music, dancing and lots of local wine?

Of course!You can choose from an old-style Cretan Taverna to a high standard exclusive restaurant.Several options to consider according to your taste and budget.

What drinks would be served with the meal? And what about desserts

Wine of your choice would usually accompany the meal - ranging from barrelled village wine to bottles of your choice and budget, with more choises from beer to soft drinks and not forget the traditional Creatan Raki.
Usually as a dessert fresh fruit is served and/or ice cream. You could also choose to serve honey and nut baklavas and other traditional greek desserts.

Will I be able to have a wedding cake?

Of course!! The traditional Greek wedding cake is of a light sponge with butter cream, rather than the traditional English heavy fruit kind, although this can be arranged if required.

What kind of entertainment can we have at our reception?

You can choose live music of various kinds ranging from a guitarist and bouzouki player, to traditional Cretan players and a performance of Cretan dancing and vocalists to sing both Greek and English popular love songs.

What paperwork do we need to get married in Crete?

Certain documentation is of course required to enable you to marry in Crete including birth certificates and photocopies of passports. Details and instructions regarding these requirements will be confirmed to you.